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Friday, February 18, 2022

5 SEO Tips You Must Do To Increase Website Traffic

| Friday, February 18, 2022

Search engine optimization or SEO are various methods used to optimize search engines. There are lots of SEO tips that can be applied so that the content you upload to the internet can be found by people who need it. If by targeting certain keywords, then these keywords can be found on the first page of search engines, be it Google, Yahoo, Bing, and so on, of course, you can increase traffic to your website. Well, here are 5 SEO tips that you must do to increase website traffic.

5 SEO Tips You Must Do to Increase Website Traffic

1. Take advantage of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools

The first step in any SEO process is to do an audit of what you currently have. To be able to do a good audit, you need two important tools that Google actually has prepared, namely Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. With these two tools, you will have the data needed to improve website performance.

Go to your website and read every page. Follow each link and write down any glaring errors, such as broken pages or images, poor grammar, or out-of-date information. Next, make repairs for errors that occur.

Using these two tools, you can also learn which pages are visited the most and which are the least. You can even find out which pages have gotten the best position in search engines with more organic traffic than advertising traffic.

Pages that have a lot of organic visitors are great for further development and can be one of the SEO strategies that will boost your overall website traffic if optimized optimally.

2. Business Location Settings

A trusted business is a business that has a clear existence. Therefore, it is very important to set the location of the business, or it can also be called local advertising, that you run. In optimizing SEO on a website, a business location that is clearly listed on the website and easy to find on an online map is also very helpful in bringing visitors to your website. If you have an offline store, it can also bring more people to shop at your store.

For that, start registering your business on Google Map, Google My Business, and other business location registration platforms. Connect everything to your business website so potential and regular customers can find you easily. Don't forget, also do this location setting on all social media accounts that you have.

3. Review Keyword Strategy

Instead of wasting a lot of time trying to improve your rankings with high volume keywords, but with a high level of competition too, it would be better if you did a reset for better keywords. That is, if by using two or three keywords (short tail keywords) your website is difficult to find, start applying long tail keywords or longer keywords, which have a much higher chance of increasing website traffic.

Reviewing the targeted keyword strategy is one of the SEO tips that is currently starting to be popular among SEO practitioners, considering that the competition rate is much smaller, but the chances of getting a position in the search engine are clearly much better.

4. Build Powerful Internal Links

Imagine if your website is a city. Every house, place, even people in the city should be able to connect easily so that a road that is connected and connected is built. That way, moving from one place to another in the city becomes dynamic, easier, and of course, the city can develop faster.

The description of the city can be a good analogy for your website. Every page on your website should be linked to one another. So, when a visitor comes to one page, he can easily move to the next page because there is navigation that is arranged in such away. Even with good settings, one visitor can visit multiple pages at once.

In order for all the pages on your website to connect with one another, you need to implement a powerful internal link building strategy. But remember, in an effort to link each page, you must also consider the relevance between pages so that visitors and search engine robots don't get confused.

5. Be Human

Most people think that applying SEO tips is to make it easier for search engines. In fact, however, this is not the case. All the content that you create for your website is not only read by robots in search engines, it is also read by humans. Your website visitors are definitely human, right? So be a human who creates interesting content for humans to read too. The more people who feel the benefits and are inspired by the content on your website, the more visitors to your website will automatically increase.

The discussion of 5 SEO tips that you must do to increase website traffic in this discussion is only a small part of the thousands of SEO tips that you can learn and apply. Please follow the articles on other SEO tips on this website.

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