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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

How to Register Shopee Affiliate 2023 Without Minimum Followers

| Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Shopee Affiliate

How to Register a Shopee Affiliate - Now you can really make money online. There are lots of ways you can do to get income in this digital era like today. For example, with Shopee Affiliates.

Shopee affiliate or better known as Shopee Affiliate is indeed one of the programs that is currently being loved by those who want to make money online. But, what exactly is Shopee Affiliate or affiliate? Anyone still don't know about this one program?

If you still don't know, we will immediately tell you in our article on this one. And we will also give you the procedures that you can follow to register in this one program. Who knows you are interested in making money with this one program.

Maybe you have often heard about the official program issued by this online shopping application called Shopee.

However, you may still not know about this one program at all. Therefore, we will explain it to you in this one part.

Well, Shopee Affiliate is an official Shopee program that will provide a 10% profit for people who have joined this program.

you're not reading wrong. If you become part of an affiliate Shopee, you do have the opportunity to get a commission of 10%, friend.

However, where does that 10% come from? Maybe you are now wondering about this. So, let us answer yes.

You will get 10% of your total sales, friend. And this applies to every product sold, friend.

Very interesting right buddy? By now, you must be very curious about how to register for Shopee Affiliate. We're right, right? Eits, but don't rush buddy.

The reason is, there are still terms and conditions that apply if you want to get the 10% commission earlier. And we've covered that below.

If you are interested in registering for this one program, just read the terms and conditions first. So that you don't get the wrong perception.

Terms of Getting 10% From Shopee Affiliate How?

As we have said, you really don't only get commissions from Shopee Affiliates. There are conditions that you must fulfill first.

If you are curious about the terms and conditions, please just read the details below. Check this out.

1. Buyer Clicks the Link
So, if you've been accepted as part of the Shopee Affiliate, you can share links to the various social media that you have.

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You can share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and so on. And make sure your prospective buyer goes through this stage.

Because, if your buyer doesn't go through the "click the link" stage that you share on social media, that means your chance of getting a 10% commission is forfeited, friend.

So, after you have followed the procedure for registering for a Shopee Affiliate and being accepted, please share your shop and product links. This is the most basic requirement, friend.

2. Prospective Buyers Are New Shopee Buyers
Well, if you want to get this 10% commission, also make sure that the buyer who buys your product is a new buyer at Shopee.

The reason is, this is indeed a Shopee promotional program, friends, so that Shopee is even more famous.

Therefore, if you have followed the Shopee Affiliate registration method later and are successfully accepted, make sure the person you are targeting has never shopped at Shopee, OK?

However, if the person who clicks on your link later is someone who has already used Shopee, you will still get a commission, which is 5%.

3. Other Terms and Conditions
Apart from what we mentioned before, there are still conditions that you must also fulfill if you want to get a 10% commission from Shopee Affiliate.

The terms we mean by this are, you must ensure that the new buyer who uses your Shopee link completes his order within 7 days.

The reason is, the commission from Shopee Affiliate will be distributed every week, friends, to be precise on Wednesday.

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Oh yeah, if you want to use a new link, that's fine too. The commission will still be given every Wednesday too.

Terms Or How To Register Shopee Affiliate To Be Accepted
Now, let's move on to a discussion that is no less important. So, now we will discuss the conditions or ways you can do to be accepted by Shopee Affiliate.

Actually, the conditions are not difficult really. If you are not sure about what we convey, please just make sure for yourself by reading the information below.

1. Avoid Personal Data Mistakes
If you later register to become a Shopee Affiliate, you will of course be asked to fill in some personal data, friend. And this is very mandatory.

If you want to know how to register for Shopee Affiliate to be accepted, you can make sure all the data you enter is not wrong and it really is your personal data.

Because, if an error occurs in the data you enter, you are very likely not to be accepted by this one program. Trust us.

Therefore, you just have to prepare all the personal data that is needed to register in this program. Then, please avoid personal flat mistakes by filling them in carefully.

2. Don't use a store or seller account
Well, to be part of this one program it seems that just anyone can't do it. The reason is, only those who don't have a name yet seem to be able to take part in this program.

Before you follow the procedure for registering a Shopee Affiliate that we will provide below, make sure that your account, be it a Shopee account or social media, is not a store account.

The reason is, you will immediately be rejected by friends if you are caught using a store or seller's social media account. And Shopee himself wrote about this, friend.

If you don't believe it, please just read the detailed information on the help.shopee.co.id site, friend. All the detailed information is right there in case you want to check it out for yourself.

3. Don't Private Social Media Accounts
As we said above, through this Shopee Affiliate program, Shopee intends to carry out promotions, friends.

Therefore, everyone who joins this program may not have a private account or not be open to the public.

Because, then of course you won't be able to do promotions to new people who have never shopped at Shopee before.

So, make sure your social media accounts are not private. After that, you can only follow the Shopee Affiliate registration procedure which we have written below.

4. Social Media Content Must Be Clean
It means clean here, not empty without any posts, buddy. If you interpret what we mean by that, it means you've got the wrong idea.

Well, what we mean clean here is, clean from anything related to SARA or ethnicity, religion, and inter-group race. So, you really have to avoid content that smells like that.

Apart from that, you also have to make sure that the social media account you use to register for Shopee Affiliate or other affiliates is clean from reposts or reposts from other affiliates.

And what's no less important, you also have to make sure that the content you register doesn't contain issues related to rule violations. If you feel your account is clean, please just follow the Shopee Affiliate registration method.

How to Register Shopee Affiliate Partner Seller?
And here we come to the part that you have been waiting for. Yup, the tutorial section lists it. You must be very curious about how to register?

Well, we think everyone who already knows about this one program will be immediately interested, yes, to join too. However, surely there are still many who do not know how.

Then, you can watch and just follow every step that we will write down below. Check this out.

First of all, of course, you can go directly to the official Shopee Affiliate website. The official website is "https://affiliate.shopee.co.id". Or you can simply click "Here".

Is the site open already? If so, you can just click on the "Join Now" option.
Next, you can simply log in to your Shopee account.
Next, you will be asked to register as an affiliate. Please just follow the procedure.
Also make sure that all the information in the form of personal data that you provide here is not wrong. Watch carefully.
If you have finished running the registration, you now have to wait a few moments to confirm whether you have accepted or not.
The longest period of time is "3 days" or "3 x 24 hours". So, please be patient.
If you are successfully accepted as an affiliate, you will receive a confirmation via email. Therefore, make sure the email you enter during registration is correct.
How? It's not difficult at all, is it the way to register for this Shopee Affiliate? If you really find it difficult, you can follow the procedures we provide above one by one.

We are sure, that way you will successfully carry out the registration procedure. And if you are accepted later, please just promote Shopee products, OK?

Why Should You Register Shopee Affiliate Without Minimum Followers?
After we discussed some information that we felt was quite important, this time we will return to discussing information that is no less important, friends.

Yup, we will discuss several reasons why you should register for this one Shopee program. We are sure that you will be even more interested in this one program if you have read this section.

Don't believe? If so, please just make sure for yourself by reading all the lists and in the details below.

1. Easy Terms
As we have said, this program has easy requirements. And we think we've covered the details up above. right?

You really only need to fulfill a number of conditions that are fairly trivial, friends, such as not being wrong in filling in your personal data and so on.

If you want to know the details, please scroll right back to the top, yes, in the conditions section. After that, just follow the Shopee Affiliate registration method if you feel you can fulfill the conditions.

2. Not bad Commission
As we have also said, the commission you will get if you join this program is not bad.

Yup, it's true that 10% of every click is for people who are new to using or shopping at Shopee. And for old people themselves can reach 5% commission.

That's every click, buddy. Of course, if the person who clicked earlier made a payment too. But don't get me wrong, buddy.

The 10% figure we mean here is a maximum of 10 thousand rupiah, friend. So, if the price of the goods you successfully promote is above Rp. 100,000, your commission is still 10 thousand rupiah.

3. Easy Registration Process
Apart from the conditions that are affordable, the registration process is no less, friend. Well, it's really easy to register for this program.

You can go straight back to the Shopee Affiliate registration method above if you are really curious and need to know details regarding the registration process.

We are sure that you will definitely agree with us that the process of registering for this one application is indeed very easy. Try running it yourself.

4. Get 1.8 Million Bonus
Well, another interesting thing about joining the Shopee program called Shopee Affiliate is that you will also get a friend bonus.

We think the bonus that you will get is very large, which is around 1.8 million. More precisely Rp. 1,850,000, buddy. Big right?

However, the bonus that you will get certainly has terms and conditions too. The condition is, the first 1,200 orders.

Yes, if you share this affiliate link and people click and buy the product, and reach 1,200 you can get the bonus right away.

How cool isn't it? If you want to get such a large bonus, please follow the Shopee Affiliate registration method above first.

5. Can Be Done Anywhere
If you want to find a side job that is very flexible, maybe this Shopee Affiliate can be your choice.

The reason is, you can do this one program anywhere, friend. Even when you are doing your main job though.

Anyway, if you want to get extra with very flexible working hours, please try this program right away.

And of course, if you want to try this one program, you must follow the procedure for registering the Shopee Affiliate that we have explained above.

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